1 Year Anniversary of COVID-19: Distance Learning and Loss at LAUSD

1 Year Anniversary of COVID-19: Distance Learning and Loss at LAUSD

On March 13, 2021, on the 1-year anniversary of LAUSD closing due to the pandemic, we posted numerous quotes on Twitter highlighting the voices of students of color. Below are some highlights.

  • On the 1 year anniversary of @LASchools shutdown due to #COVID19, we must ensure there is equitable funding for our children to return to school safely. Hear what people living in LA County’s hardest-hit communities have to say. #LAUSD #COVID1Year
  • LA County’s children must be supported and protected as they return to the classroom. Equitable funding will ensure that students from communities hardest hit by #COVID19 have the support they need to make up for learning loss. Hear what parents have to say. #LAUSD #COVID1Year
  • No community is safe until all communities are safe. People living in the hardest-hit communities across LA County want equitable funding to ensure their children are protected when they return to the classroom. Hear what they have to say. #LAUSD #COVID1Year 
  • With equitable funding, we can give our students the support they need to safely return to the classroom. SENI will make sure that students have the resources, teachers, and classroom support they need to protect themselves and their families. Hear what one student had to say. #LAUSD #COVID1Year  
  • SENI is necessary for ensuring that education is a human right regardless of your ZIP Code and that the #COVID19  pandemic does not continue to further gaps between low-income, Black, and Brown communities and the rest of LAUSD. #LAUSD #COVID1Year
  • Like the #COVID19 pandemic itself, learning loss has impacted low-income Black and Brown communities the most. As we consider reopening, it is imperative that equitable funding be distributed to close academic gaps. #LAUSD #COVID1Year 
  • The Eastside of Los Angeles was once the epicenter of the #COVID19 pandemic in the US. After so much devastating loss, we still do not feel safe returning to business as usual. Our children demand equitable funding to ensure they and their families are protected. #LAUSD #COVID1Year
  • When our most vulnerable communities are safe, we are all safe. SENI will bring more equitable funding to our highest-need schools to ensure students and their families can stay safe physically and mentally as we reopen. #LAUSD #COVID1Year 
  • With SENI, schools in our community will have the funding to make sure that Black and Brown students are supported and can focus on our future, rather than our survival. #LAUSD #COVID1Year
  • We must take necessary precautions when opening schools to ensure we do not unnecessarily expose our families to rapid #COVID19 transmission, leading to potentially another surge in our hard-hit communities. Equitable funding must be used to protect our students. #LAUSD #COVID1Year 


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