Parents and Student Update: Equity Is Working

Parents and Student Update: Equity Is Working

In 2018, California youth and advocates successfully organized and campaigned to pass SENI 2.0 (Equity is Justice 2.0 Resolution), a plan to reinvest in the needs of Black and Brown students in high and highest-need schools. This resolution has received extensive community endorsement and unanimous LAUSD Board support and is widely recognized as a model of equity that can inform decision-making for implementing supports that meet the needs of students in LAUSD.

Because of SENI 2.0, LAUSD has allocated over $281 million according to an equity-based formula that prioritizes the highest-need schools in the district, translating into real change at school campuses.

  • 59th Street Elementary received nearly $200,000, which allowed them to bring in a full-time social worker and an intervention coordinator.
  • Audubon Middle School received $483,000, which allowed them to bring in an Assistant Principal, a program coordinator for high-need students, and take kids on more field trips.
  • Manual Arts High School received $1,513,000 which allowed them to reduce class sizes, hire additional counselors, administrators, intervention coordinators, and campus aides, and provide professional development and training time to their faculty.

“We need and deserve the basics needed for basic education, but we should also be aiming to get the resources to help students deal with and process the things we manage within our neighborhoods because our problems outside of school become problems in school.”

— Junior Kamarie Brown, Crenshaw High School

“We need to protect SENI 2.0 because it’s funding should provide more teachers and academic counselors because one counselor should not have to balance a large number of students. Students should be receiving individualized support because it takes one person to believe and support a student’s future.”

– Israel Quinillo, Wilson High School

It’s time we do more! LAUSD must work collaboratively with advocates, parents, and principals to demonstrate its investment in SENI 2.0 and to ensure proper implementation to support the students with the high and highest needs.

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